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To Go Gray or Not to Go Gray

Meet Ingrid. Ingrid has colored her hair for years, if not decades. Ingrid is done coloring her hair. We needed a plan to survive the grow out...it's pretty much torture. She brought in a great book. It was full of great stories and suggestions about other's experiences and guidance about the best way to go about it.

Ingrid has luck on her side because her hair grows very fast and the gray that is coming in is beautiful! We read the the first couple of months are the hardest. Think about it-change is hard, whether it's starting an exercise routine, quitting caffeine or worse, growing out gray hair to be able to give haircolor the boot!

Another plus to going for Ingrid is that she has very curly hair. This creates volume to hide the roots as it grows out. So lucky! So we started the official grow out in the spring and had been hiding it well for the first month with a full foil weave to break up the dark that we had been using for covering the gray. But, the second month proved a bit more of a struggle as the grays really started to sparkle and not really blend with the gold from the high lights. Ingrid found a powder spray that matched the gold highlights in the meantime.

When Ingrid came for the third month, we had a good 2 inches of growth and we really didn't want to highlight anymore. But this really a super icy toner to blend away the growth and tone all the gold. The results of the toner are temporary, but completely served the purpose! In the next 4 weeks, the toner will fade and we will plan on a color remover to get rid of the rest of the color. All in all, I think that we are over the first major hurdle. We will see as we progress to the next phase-growing enough to be able to trim the ends off to start the official gray growth. I think that this stage will be about a year...If you're interested in ditching the color and going gray, DM me for a consultation appointment.

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