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Taking Pro Recommendations

Have you recently been asked for a professional opinion? Was your advice taken? Disregarded?

When I'm asked for a professional opinion and recommendation, it is my hope that the person asking will seriously consider taking in. There's nothing more frustrating than hearing afterwards that someone was mislead after asking someone else, or advice was just forgotten. This is the often the case when it comes to buying professional hair products.

Let's review why it's important to take advice from a professional:

1. It's in their area of expertise.

2. They are in the know with current information.

3. You asked them for their professional opinion.

4. They will (usually) not lead you astray.

5. Remember, you asked.

It hurts my heart a little to learn that advice has been disrgarded and the outcome is not the desired of the person asking. This usually goes much deeper, but today we are just talking about hair product!

Let's just take a look at these two bottles. They have the same words, the same fonts & color, but if you compare, they're not the same on the outside. What is your guarantee that they are the same on the inside? Probably not much of a guarantee!

I doubt very much that you're going to be able to return the bottle to the original store!

I can tell you that if you purchase products in a salon and aren't happy with a professional product, you can return in for 100%, even if it was recommended by a professional. Because guess what? Everyone's hair is different and reacts differently to the same product. I can tell you that you can't get that guarantee from Target or Wal Mart! So, when you spy a professional product and you're not in your salon, WALK AWAY! You're definitely not getting what you're paying for!

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