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(Hair) Sunscreen

Updated: May 3, 2020

Ah, the season of sun is {almost} upon us, which means in Arizona, soaring temps, sizzling afternoons and lots of outdoor fun. But, if we’re not careful, even in high elevations, hair can quickly start to feel the effects of the summer heat. Frizzy and dry strands can turn summer-time fun-time into a mess of hair every single day. The summer-essentials will bathe hair with nourishment and help protect against the harsh sun. They’ll also help turn heads with their ability to create styles that truly stand on their own.

First-think about wearing a hat. Not always stylish, but it's going to have several benefits. And you won't even need to put sunscreen on your scalp! Second, get your hair wet before you get into the pool. When your hair soaks up CLEAN water, it cannot soak up the damaging CHLORINE water. Seems easy, but when I'm doing back to school haircuts, every other kid has slimy, chlorine smelling hair!

I sure hope the pools open soon!

Another way to help counteract the heat and damage is to get your hands on a bottle of Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Moisture Mist. Great for refreshing sun-drained locks and skin. Spritz on face as a primer before make-up, during the day for a pick-me-up or while at the beach to cool off. Hot Tip: Store in fridge for an extra dose of cooling refreshment. #summer #summertime #paulmitchell #arizona #Summerfun #sunscreen #Awapuhimoisturemist

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