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Are you a 'Curly Girl?'

Macy is a 'Curly Girl!'

I know that I have been living under a rock, when it comes to curly girls. I have the luxury of living in an area that enjoys a few months of humidity, then it returns to a normal, dry environment. But, for a couple of months during monsoon season, my hair is out of control. I even have a hard time getting hair to dry in the salon after a shampoo!

I stumbled upon the curly girl method after hearing a coworker share it with her guest. I asked all the dumb questions, joined a couple of Facebook groups and sat back and watched. And I asked a few more dumb questions!

What you'll need: Curly Girl approved products, t-shirt, diffuser and blow dryer.

From what I have read up on and asked questions about, any method that works, will work for you. But, there are several to chose from, so it's a lot of trial and error. I've always known that changing your products according to what your hair needs is best. And that the needs of hair changes with each season in life and literally each season that you go through.

The hardest part in researching this was the suggestion that we go shampoo free. Y'all, I have to wash my hair. It's just something that weirds me out! I know that after several weeks (eek!) of no shampoo, my scalp will eventually catch up and produce the perfect amount of moisture to my scalp, but the interim time can be pretty torturous!

We decided that we would start with changing our shampoo for one that doesn't have sulfates, parabins or silicones. This is probably the hardest part! The majority of the products that are drug store or professional have these ingredients. They usually end up weighing you hair down and pulling the curl out. So, we chose to stay on the professional side of things and are using Deva Curl No-Poo, Daily Creme Conditioner and B'Leave-In lightweight gel.

There are also methods to applying the products, using your fingers to detangle (no brushes, ever) and something called the Mapping Method. I've not gotten to that yet, but I'm guessing that it has something to do with applying the conditioner, massaging or getting the gel applied in all the nooks and crannies. I'll let you know when I find out..

So to get started, we looked for an old t-shirt to 'plop' (because we aren't allowed to use towels anymore!) Have that ready, as well as your bottle or tube of gel. We began with our 'last' shampoo with regular shampoo. To remove buildup and such. It seems counterproductive, but I'm one to follow suggestions...Then we condition (give yourself a good scalp massage with your fingertips for 2 minutes) and before we get out of the shower, water is squeeg'd and product is applied. I'd suggest having that t-shirt close and use it to wipe the extra product off of your hands as your wrap a turbin around your head. Once you get your hair out of your face, and tied around your head, then you can towel off. This is awkward when you're nekkid, I'd suggest locking the bathroom door!

And you've just 'plopped'. And this basically gets gravity to work with you instead of against you as you carry one with getting dressed, putting on makeup, or yelling at the kids. Whatever you need to do! When you're done with that, return to the bathroom and look for that blow dryer and diffuser. Don't know what a diffuser is? It looks like a hand or cone with fingers that you'd snap onto the end of your blow dryer. There are some handy dandy ones out there, I'd just look for something simple. Taking the t-shirt off, you'll discover that your hair is still pretty wet. This is ok. Just flip your head over and turn the dryer on low and clump as much hair in the end and push to your head. Hold there for 20-30 seconds and let the dryer gently dry it. When you dry this way, you also have gravity working with you. Bear with me. I know it's still crunch and not may clumped together. This is where you get in there with your hands and gently rub your scalp with your fingertips. Gently. You'd don't want to create Medusa...This is the fun part for me. I get to see how curly I'm getting. Because the whole goal is to retrain those curls to come back.

I usually let it flip or flop, seeing what it will do that day. It's different. every. single. day. Sometimes there are bobby pins involved, sometimes it behaves. Some days, I find a hat...whatever works.

I am loving this new option for styling my hair and my daughter. I can't wait to see what the next couple of weeks brings in getting my curl back! Stay tuned and share your thoughts on this!

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